No Upfront Fee's & Lower Closing Cost's

At Atlantic Coast Financial Services we never charge an upfront Application Fee or Appraisal Fee.  We are paid directly by our Approved Lender partners when your loan closes and only when your loan closes, so we have a direct interest in making sure everything is done right and efficiently.

Why it's BETTER to use a mortgage broker vs your Big Banks

Let's face it, we are all different creatures, we all are unique and each of us has different credit ratings, job histories, and life stories.  With that said, Atlantic Coast Financial Services is uniquely qualified to be able to place its customers with the right loan that fits them and not just the loan you find on your phone's app. Being a Broker, allows us to give you "several options" so you can trust that you are educated in making one of the biggest financial decision of your life.

Our Rates and Fee's are LOWER

Since we are paid directly by our Approved Lenders, we are able to deliver a Lower Cost and Lower Fee Mortgage.  Our Lenders provide us Wholesale Rates and Fee's because we are essentially delivering a Full Package to them.  We are meeting with the clients, we are collecting the necessary documentation, we are running the automated approvals with FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,  VA, and USDA.  From start to finish we are working with the consumer to close the loan.  By providing a full package our Lenders have less overhead, thus allowing us to pass on the savings to YOU, ask your own Lender for true Loan Estimate and compare, you will be glad you did.  Lower rates and lower fees mean BIG Savings to you.

We are experts in our field

For over 30 years we have provided guidance to our customers on interest rates, different mortgage products, and market conditions

We will save you time and stress!

Shopping around for the best mortgage option can be time-consuming, confusing and frustrating. We streamline the process, we explain in common sense terms, what home buying is all about, making your experience with us a smoother process than our competitors.

We are independent.

This means we will be objective and unbiased. We don’t work for one particular lender which means you don’t get a biased opinion on which solution is best for you. ACFS works for you. Getting you a mortgage is our primary concern. ACFS has a large network of Lenders we work with so we can get you the best possible terms and mortgage interest rates. We do not just go to banks, but can also go to industry specialists and non-bank lenders too.

Atlantic Coast Financial will be there to Answer Your Questions

Let's face it, home buying can be overwhelming at times.  Questions like, How much can I borrow? or what does my credit need to be? or where do we start?  At Atlantic Coast Financial, the same staff is there from beginning to end, to answer questions, even if it is during non-office hours.  We are always accessible.  Just give us a call and we will hold your hand thru out the process. 


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