Online Applications

Online Application

We are pleased to offer secure online applications for our Customers. This doesn’t mean you will not get our great service. We will still find the lowest rate and best mortgage product for you and walk you through the mortgage process.  Click Here to Start an Online Application.

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Acronyms a Foreign Language


These are a few of the many acronyms, that you probably aren’t familiar with. The mortgage industry is confusing enough. A loan officer might as well be speaking a foreign language. Bill and Justin don’t speak in acronyms. We take the time to explain everything while finding the best rate and terms for you. Bill…

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We take the SCARY out of Mortgages!

Getting a Mortgage is very SCARY! With our combined 38 years of experience, we take the SCARY out of the mortgage process. Bill & Justin will take your hand and walk you through the process. Call Bill or Justin to get to pre-approved, for a mortgage. (910) 791-1337. We’re Brokers, We’re BETTER! We will not…

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Fall Classic

Baseball's Fall Classic

Fall is here. The World Series is in full swing, and the weather is cooling off. In the spring and summer, Homebuyers rush to buy, but fall shoppers often save. Now is the time to capitalize on low rates and the fall market, the time is now. Call Bill or Justin to get pre-approved, for…

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CON.FU.SION “the state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something.” According to a survey from Fannie Mae, most people * Overestimate the minimum credit score necessary to qualify for a mortgage. * Overestimate the minimum down payment necessary to qualify for a mortgage. * Remain unfamiliar with low down payment programs. Sound…

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Labor Day 2019

Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world. Abraham Lincoln We hope you have a safe and happy Labor Day. Thank you for allowing us to assist you in acquiring your property. Our Office is closed on Labor Day. Justin & Bill Atlantic Coast Financial Services…

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The Financial News this Week has been Wild.

The financial news this week has been wild. Wall Street tumbles! Trade wars! Tariffs on and then off!  Yield curve inverts! Bonds going lower! Use of the R-word, Recession! Where does that leave Mortgage Rates? Mortgage rates haven’t been generally lower since 2016. With our 38 years of combined experience, we have Been There and…

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Homeownership the American Dream

With the 4th of July coming up we thought of how homeownership is an essential part of the American Dream. With the current low-interest rates, now might be the time to become a homeowner. Let us help you achieve your American Dream. We will use our combined 38 years of experience and network of lenders…

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Shopping for a New Home

Get Yorself Pre-approved

Shopping for a New Home? Getting a mortgage pre-approval makes home shopping easier. Here are some of the advantages: Peace of mind knowing you are approved. Save Time by looking at homes in your price range. Make an offer with confidence. You can close faster. Call Bill or Justin to discuss getting pre-approved or click…

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