The Financial News this Week has been Wild.

August 15, 2019

Bill Gourville

B.T.D.T (1)

The financial news this week has been wild. Wall Street tumbles! Trade wars! Tariffs on and then off!  Yield curve inverts! Bonds going lower! Use of the R-word, Recession!

Where does that leave Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage rates haven’t been generally lower since 2016.

With our 38 years of combined experience, we have Been There and Done That. We even have the tee-shirt!

Contact us and we will help you put all the pieces together in the mortgage process. Also, we will get the lowest rates we have to offer from our network of Lenders.

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Bill Gourville

Extensive experience in all aspects of mortgage banking since 1988. Throughout my career, I have achieved success by identifying and pinpointing what is needed to get the job done and done RIGHT. I have hired, trained, developed teams from start up's to management. I have a history of developing strong relationships with my business partners and consumers to a point being considered their "go-to" guy for information, advice, implementation and completion of tasks at hand.