WE say YES when Others Say NO

June 6, 2019

Bill Gourville


WE say YES when Others Say NO

In the last three months, six of our closed loans were told NO by other competing Lenders. Most got the bad news after they were halfway through the loan process.

All these Customers had unique circumstances to handle. Some were credit related, but most were loan product related. With our combined 38 years of experience and network of Lenders, we found the right loan product for them.

Justin and Bill use their expertise to look for ways to say YES instead of the easy NO.

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Bill Gourville

Extensive experience in all aspects of mortgage banking since 1988. Throughout my career, I have achieved success by identifying and pinpointing what is needed to get the job done and done RIGHT. I have hired, trained, developed teams from start up's to management. I have a history of developing strong relationships with my business partners and consumers to a point being considered their "go-to" guy for information, advice, implementation and completion of tasks at hand.